Use the /region command in-game to check the server region.

You must have a minimum of 1,500 subscribers before being eligible to receive a YouTube rank next to your username on our servers. Please use the YouTube Rank application page. Please be patient while your application is reviewed by our support representatives.

Since purchases are now handled through the Minecraft Marketplace, we cannot facilitate account purchase transfers. Our new UberVIP subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis. If you’d like to transfer your rank, please cancel your current subscription and start a new subscription with the other account that you want the rank associated with.

Please contact us via our support page.

If you find a bug on Lifeboat servers, please report it on our Bug Tracker. Please keep in mind that some bugs might be issues with the game Minecraft, and therefore should be reported to Mojang, not us.

We are continuously making improvements to our anti-cheats software to make the playing experience hacker-free. A win by cheating is no win at all!

Report a hacker by using this command in-game: /hacker

You do not need to type the complete playername.

If our anti-hack determines that this is probably a valid report, we will enter this into our database. We keep a closer eye on players that receive hacking reports. But, the effect is limited, so if there is ever a false report it will not completely change the game-play experience of a wrongly accused player. Reports are cumulative, and all are forgotten after six weeks.

Another way of reporting hackers is to visit our Discord server, and message an administrator showing clear evidence of the user hacking. We appreciate your help in making Lifeboat a fun place for everyone to play!

With the Bedrock Edition update, Microsoft added ghost mutes as a way to silently mute players who are acting suspiciously. You may have been accidentally muted by this system, and will no longer be able to send viewable messages or use signs. This mute is only temporary and usually subsides after a few hours of regular playing. If you need additional support, please go to the Minecraft support page.

If your account has been locked/banned, it’s because you have broken one of our server rules. We reserve the right to ban accounts that are in violation of our server rules, as stated in our Terms and Conditions. If you believe you were wrongly punished, please send us an appeal.

Just connect to any of our gamemodes and the UberVIP rank will allow you to have additional pets, particle effects, morphs (transform into mobs), toys, priority match joining, ability to fly in the lobby, access to VIP-only games like prison, an awesome tag, and much more. You will see a [UberVIP] or [VIP+] tag if your VIP is active in your current gamemode. If you believe you have paid for VIP but are not seeing your special tag or benefits, try enabling it using /vip or contact our support team for help.

We no longer manage subscription and rank purchases. Please contact Minecraft support if you have an issue with a Minecraft Store purchase.

It may take up to 24 hours for your rank to be applied. Normally it only takes a minute or two, but please be patient.

If you have an issue with a rank purchased before the Better Together Update was released, please contact our support team.