In-Game Moderation


Thank you for taking an interest in our volunteer position as an In-Game Moderator! Here you may apply for an opportunity to join the volunteer team! When you apply, please be descriptive and truthful in what you write, as this will count towards our decision when choosing new moderators. If we like what we see, we will get back to you!

Note: Any questions/concerns sent in this application will be disregarded. For help or feedback, please contact Lifeboat Network support.

Please answer all the questions below completely and double-check that all information is entered correctly; otherwise, we may not be able to contact you if you are accepted!




    Upon filling out the application, please review all the information you provided and check for spelling, grammatical, and any incorrect information. Taking the time to correct any mistakes shows your interest in joining the volunteer team. Once you feel that your application is perfect, you may submit it.

    Please do not email us inquiring about your application or ask a staff member about its status, as this may delay or invalidate your application.

    Currently, we have a high volume of applications, so please allow up to 4 – 6 weeks for review. At times a user may be accepted and added to a queue for the Trainee Program once a spot opens up. We recommend not applying again until 2-3 months after your last application submission date. Thank you and happy gaming! 


    By submitting your application, you agree that you have not plagiarized someone else’s work and that this application is not written by anyone other than yourself. You also agree to have answered all questions truthfully to the best of your knowledge, except where it is required by law not to do so. You agree to accept the responsibilities of the applicable volunteer position and understand that any course of action not approved by the Lifeboat Administration could result in a suspension, removal from the team, or a permanent ban from the network. This position is voluntary; your time will not be compensated through monetary or other salaried currencies.

    A mandatory agreement must be agreed upon acceptance into the moderator program. The agreement will be provided at the time of your application’s approval. 

    Moderators are required to gather valid recorded video evidence of player offenses; therefore, it is essential that all applicants have access to recording software on their device and record videos at a decent level of quality.