In-Game Rules

The rules below are the official rules of Lifeboat. Breaking of these rules may result in action taken against a player:

Hacking/Client Modifications:

Most types of client modifications are against Lifeboat policies to make our server a fun, and fair, place to play.

Here is a list of ACCEPTABLE modifications that are not punishable when used in our server:

  • Fulbright/night vision texture packs and add-ons 
  • Cosmetic texture packs/resource packs that do not contain an x-ray or any other gameplay modifications 
  • Zoom module/FOV changers
  • CPS and reach counters that ONLY DISPLAY your current CPS, or reach, values
  • Hitbox outlines (NOT HIT EXPANDER)
  • Armor HUD(for yourself only)
  • Mods from Lunar client 
  • Mods from Onix client
  • Mods from Astral client 

Any modification used that is not in the list above is an immediate bannable offense.


Skins and Gamertags

We acknowledge that these actions below are part of the vanilla Minecraft experience, and that players have the option to do so without punishment from the service provider, but Lifeboat strives to be a community where all can be comfortable. In turn, they are a punishable occurrence.




Let’s work together to make our server a fun, comfortable, place to play! So don’t do the following punishable actions in the specific type of game modes:

PvP Minigames:

Other Game Modes:

If your account has been locked/banned, and you do not believe you broke any of the rules above, please submit an appeal form.