Parent’s Guide

Player safety is of utmost importance to Lifeboat Network. Old or young, we want those who choose to game with us to have a good time and be protected while doing it. Lifeboat does its best to go the extra mile to keep young players protected.

If you need to contact Lifeboat Network, we’re always available and happy to help at

We absolutely recommend limiting screen time for kids. Get your kids playing outside and playing with other kids and siblings. We strive to make our servers as creative, interactive, and positive as possible, but screens should not dominate your child’s life. If your kid has become withdrawn, he or she might need some more IRL (In Real Life) activities.

We are your partner here and on your side, but be aware of what your kids are doing. So look over their shoulders. Especially with younger children, insist that they play in a common area of the house, and not off in their room. It’s great if your child is playing Minecraft, but it will be a much more memorable experience if they have some friends over to play Minecraft together.

The chat filter will only do so much, as it is possible to say nasty things with harmless words. So don’t assume that nothing harmful or bullying has gotten through. Watch for changes in your child’s mood. If this happens, sit down and have a talk with him or her. Find out why.