Server Update (11/22/23)

November 23, 2023

It’s been quite a while since our last update so please excuse anything I’ve missed.

There is a new way to report hackers or other bad behavior on the server, simply type /hacker in game and select the username and reason. If you have evidence of the issue please still send it over using the form at or on Discord.

Anticheat and other server optimizations to reduce lag.

Significant changes to the way we connect to clients, mostly improving the experience for people with bad internet connections.

The current set of server pets brings back the interactive turkey from years past, Carla the Capybara, and a pet inspired by (but cooler looking than) the as yet unreleased breeze mob for trial chambers.

Creative Mode

We think we’ve found the last of the many different ways to edit plot borders. If you still have blocks stuck in the border there is a new “reset plot borders” button in the UI.

Re-organized the plot settings for easier navigation.

New CM+ Tools!

We’ve added a host of new tools to CM+, the most notable of which are cut, copy, and paste. They have a size limit of 4096 blocks but you can use the new //size command to check how big your selection is. There is even a new //undo command that can fix your last mistake. This set of tools isn’t fully done yet; some blocks don’t save their rotation or color but we figured we’d get you what we have to make use of over the holiday weekend.

There are also new //circle //hcircle //cyl //hcyl //sphere //walls //sphere and //hsphere commands. Read the autocomplete text in game for help using each of these commands. Finally, we’ve added //1 and //2 as alternatives to //pos1 and //pos2.

Lifeboat City

Added a wanted mechanic to catch people who go around punching other players, if you’d like a reward for catching them go start the job at the police station.

Added an appliance shop for blocks like crafting and enchanting tables, as well as a cool looking material reducer.


The Halloween maps have come and gone and we learned that even 10x normal diamond generation isn’t enough for the most vocal among you. There aren’t currently plans for winter maps since we don’t think a map of only snow would be very fun, but start a suggestion on Discord if you have any good ideas.