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A Look Ahead

February 2, 2024

Below is a round-up of changes that have occurred on the server since the last update, and a general update on our direction and roadmap.

In-game changes


We’ve added a new tool to prison, the warden wand. We’ve also nerfed thor’s hammer so it can only break around 1000 blocks per minute, but make no mistake that it’s still the fastest tool around.

Survival Mode

We’ve added an iron-tier omnitool to the shop that acts as a shovel, pick, and axe to help you get started after reset if you want to skip the stone tool stage.

Fun facts for the winter SM map.



We have been working hard on various systems in the backend, most aren’t ready to be shared but one is! This change happened way back in the fall but we’ve massively improved the joining process so even poor connections can get on to the server instead of getting a “cannot connect to server” message.

Old Maps

We’ve started digging through the archives and plan to bring some old maps back in to rotation, if only for a short time. Some of you may recognize the old lobby at the top of this post.

Support Services

We’re continuously improving our support services to ensure all queries submitted are responded to promptly. We are working on new support systems to use that will replace some of our older systems, some of which have been around since the server started – while they have served us well it is time to replace them. Some of the areas we are working on:

You might not physically see all of these changes, however, combined they will ultimately contribute to improving the overall experience.

Self-Help Support Website

You might have noticed that our self-help support website – – has been offline over the last few months, but fear not, it shall be returning soon. Due to some internal issues, this has been out of action since November but we’re actively working on bringing this back and we’ll let you know once this is available again. In the meantime, please continue to send support requests to our Support Team through the forms available on the Contact Us page. Of course, the self-help support hub is not a replacement for contacting us directly, it is simply there to help resolve common issues quicker with easy-to-follow instructions without contacting us directly and we hope you will find it useful once again.

We want to take a moment to thank all of the players who report rule breakers and hackers to us daily through our form – you collectively help to improve the playing experience. ❤️