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Celebrating 11 Years Together

April 20, 2024

As of this month, Lifeboat is officially 11 years old, and we think 11 years (a prime number!) is the perfect time to reflect on our time together. We want to acknowledge the ups and downs and express our gratitude for remaining a passionate and dedicated community. Thank you. As we move forward, our commitment is to deliver a diverse array of engaging, enjoyable, and seamless gaming experiences.

Looking ahead, we’re thrilled about the next chapter. Our team has been hard at work implementing some serious server upgrades that will not only enhance the current experience but also allow us to implement new features and updates. We know server upgrades don’t sound exciting, but the opportunities it opens up will be well worth the effort! 

With that in mind, for this year’s special anniversary event we are proud to present:

This classic Minecraft Survival game challenges you to survive in a world where lava slowly rises – consuming everything in its path. The last player standing in this ultimate game of “The Floor is Lava” will receive a special reward! Lava Survival is only available until May 6th, so act quick to secure your prizes!


Placing first in a match of Lava Survival will award you with the Lifeboat Golem pet.

Placing in the top 25% of a Lava Survival match will award you with the Magma Wolf pet.

If PvP isn’t your thing, you can also claim a free anniversary cake in the lobby.

In addition to Lava Survival and limited-time, celebratory pets, we wanted to do something to reward our founding members – those that have been with us since the very beginning of Lifeboat. For those active accounts created prior to 2017, we are awarding the exclusive Pioneer Tag.