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The Big Switch

April 20, 2024

Since the last server update we’ve been spending most of our time creating lava survival, but there were also a few updates worth mentioning..

First off we removed switching, although it was an interesting mechanic, in practice switching is only really used by cheaters. This also brings this part of combat back up to parity with vanilla.

We re-wrote combat on One in the Chamber as a test for Lava Survival and found that knockback was being doubled. This is fixed.

/report now only shows the players in your current match, which should make reporting much easier in certain game modes.

You can no longer use snowballs to break beds in Bedwars, you also can’t open shopkeepers by shooting them with a bow. We’ve also adjusted some item pricing to encourage use of some of the more interesting mechanics.

Fixed some skins showing up as invisible server-wide.

Fixed some empty buttons on a couple pages in Creative Mode.

Fixed bamboo exceeding plot height in Creative Mode.

Fixed inventories breaking on the client if you changed servers with one open.

Zombies in Lifeboat City spawn far more often, and much closer to where players actually spend time.

The custom compass in Lifeboat City has been removed for having a glitchy texture, plus the vanilla compass is much better at communicating direction.

We’ve also released a free “Words on Blocks” texture pack and dynamic world on our Discord server. Check out the details here.