Server Build Team Application

Want to join one of the largest Minecraft Bedrock Edition volunteer team? Apply below!

We are looking for talented Builders to join our Server Maps team. If you feel like you would be great candidate, apply below.


→ Access to Windows 10 Edition, Bedrock Edition or Minecraft Java.
→ You must be at least 15 years old. (There can be some exceptions if you are talented)
→ You must be able to use or learn WorldEdit Tool / (FAWE).
→ Able to follow work orders and directives of Lifeboat server managers.
→ Able to use learn and use Trello and follow agile workflow.
→ Must be able to meet strict deadlines.
→ Preferred experiences with creating maps as SkyWars, BedWars etc.
→ Creative and imaginative.
→ Must have access to PayPal in order to be rewarded for map making. Builders under 18 must have parental permission and PayPal access on builder’s behalf.

*Payment based on quality and amount of work to be determined over the course of each task.